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It only takes 3 steps to produce a 360。 animation.

(SWF, GIF, AVI, HTML, JPG included.)

Fast and easy, anybody can achieve perfect results.

WinBiz is a complete set of software and hardware to help your products really stand out and be noticed.

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These 360。 spins were created with WinBiz system and devices.

Our devices are capable of spinning anything from a wedding ring to a sofa.

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WinBiz offers an all-in-one solution for
product photography.

You can easily choose a WinBiz package suited for your product type.

WinBiz automated imaging system with a PC-controlled turntable and a lightbox (A)
37.5*40*50 (cm)
WinBiz automated imaging system with a PC-controlled turntable and perfect lightbox (B)
55*65*80 (cm)
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WinBiz automated imaging system with a PC-controlled turntable (C)
90*90*188 (cm)
WinBiz automated imaging system with a PC-controlled turntable (D)
150*150*200 (cm)
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At our Research and development center, we test and showcase the power of simplicity.

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We are more powerful than you think.

Since 2008, WinBiz has focused on 1 thing and keeps improving it.

Founded in 2008 on the concept of better product photography, WinBiz Technology has led the innovation and design of integrated remote capture solutions for the workplace...View more >>


10,000 +

Companies trust us and use our system.

"The 3D presentation boots my product level and helps me earn more $$."
Tom Liu, Taobao.com
Handbags Seller

"It's easy to use and the pictures are so nice!"
Martin Sutherland
General Manager

"Never knew we could shoot perfect pictures this fast!"
Lucy Zhang, VIP.com
Children's products channel
Operation Executive

"It is a very convenient tool for our handbag business. I highly recommend WinBiz."
Brian Simpson
Sales Director

"With this we improved the work efficiency and we all release from the tiring work."
Alina King
Product Manager

"It's one of the great inventions I have ever seen and used!!! "
Jason Rey
General Manger


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